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Boondi Ladoo Recipe-Boondi Laddu-Boondi ka Ladoo

Boondi Laddu is a delicious Indian sweet make for special occasions and for festivals like Diwali. Many people think that making laddu/ladoo at home is very difficult but it is not so. I have made the recipe very simpler with step by step cooking instructions and pictures. These home made laddus make excellent gifts for Diwali for your friends and dear ones. Today let us learn how to make Boondi Laddu using this easy boondi laddu recipe-

Boondi Laddu-Diwali Special

Boondi Ladoo-Boondi Laddu

Boondi Ladoo-Boondi Laddu

 Prep Time : 20 mins
 Cook Time : 50 mins 
 Yields: 47 Laddus
 Recipe CategoryIndian Sweet-Diwali Recipes
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Kadalai mavu /Bengal gram flour - 1/2 kg (500 grams)
   Rice flour - 1/4 cup
   Cooking soda - 1/4 tsp and a pinch
   Lemon Yellow food color - a pinch
   Ghee - 1 1/2 tbsp

   For the sugar syrup

   Sugar - 3/4 kg ( 750 grams )
   Water - 2 cups
   Milk - 1/4 cup to remove impurities from sugar

   Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
   Pachai karpuram/Edible camphor- a generous pinch
   Cashew nuts -25 grams (break it )
   Raisins -50 grams
   Cloves - 5-6


Sieve both bengal gram flour and rice flour separately.

Fry cashew nuts, raisin and cloves in ghee separately and keep it aside.


First you have to prepare the sugar syrup and keep it ready.

How to make sugar syrup for boondi laddu
Take a pan, add water and sugar, mix well first. Then bring it to boil.

Add 1/4 cup of milk to it, all the impurities in sugar will come to the surface. Remove it with a ladle.

Boil sugar syrup till you get a one string consistency.

How to find one string consistency?

1.When you pour a little sugar syrup in a cup filled with little water, it should not dissolve.

2.When you touch it between your index finger and thumb and pull it apart, it should form a string.

3.Or just lift the ladle from the sugar syrup and wait for a few seconds- it will form a string. (in the pic above- the string is not clear but hold the ladle like that and see if it forms a string - that is right stage). Switch off the flame.

Add cardamom powder, pachai karpuram, fried cashew nuts, raisins and cloves to the sugar syrup.

For Making boondi

I have already made a detailed post on how to make Kara boondi. The method is the same but the measurements are different.

Boondi laddu recipe
Mix both bengal gram flour and rice flour, add cooking soda and a pinch of yellow color.

Add water and make a batter. I added around 2 cups + 1/3 cup of water and it was perfect for me. You add water little by little carefully to get the batter consistency (see picture above). It should neither be too thin nor thick.

Heat oil and pour a little batter on the boondi ladle and gently tap it. Tiny droplets of batter will fall into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown. Keep aside. Note - Do not fry it too crisp as for South Indian mixture or kara boondi. Remove it from oil a stage before that.

Repeat the process for the rest of the batter.

After the boondi cools a little, add half of it to the sugar syrup.

Laddu recipe
Put the rest of the boondi in a blender and grind it a little. Take a small mixie jar and blend it little by little only for a few seconds. (Do not make it a paste- see the second picture above)

Now add this also to the sugar syrup. Mix both well together.

Making of laddu/ladoo

boondi ka ladoo
Add a tbsp of ghee and make balls out of it. Yummm…. !!!!!!!! Boondi Laddus are ready.

How to prepare boondi laddu-boondi laddu
Enjoy your Diwali by making these yummy laddus and also parcel it beautifully and gift to your near and dear ones.

One more shot!!

Boondi Laddu Recipe
If you have any doubts regarding this recipe, do leave a comment in the comment section, I will happily answer your queries as I am just a click away!

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Meet you all with more interesting Diwali  recipes, stay tuned! until then it is bye from Padhu!


  1. Wow......The platter is worth grabbing.......Great recipe & the ladoos look perfect.

  2. wow u have made it look really simple. this post encourages me to try my fav ladoos at home for sure :) they look totally delicious.

  3. Perfectly shaped mouth-watering laddoos my dear..can I come over to taste them???

  4. wow...
    looks perfect and very tempting dear :)

  5. Woww they looks super prefect, well prepared..

  6. I'm a big time fan of boondi laddoos but could never try my hands on this; thanks a ton and a ton for sharing this recipe. :)
    They look perfect for sure.

  7. Hi there- I have always struggled in the final step of rolling them into ladoos
    ,probably because I did not blend a portion as you have instructed - let me follow your step by step method and better get it perfect this time for diwali- advance diwali greeting to you enlightening us with new and old mouth watering recipes.

  8. Nice. Recipe and wonderful presentation

  9. looks perfect...well presented do..thanks for sharing

  10. I followed your steps and the ladoo came out very well. Thanks a lot.
    I have one question. I made sugar syrup with string consistency. But it turned out hard when i stopped boiling it. Is that the correct way? Or Should I try by adding more water? Advice pls..

  11. Nice to know that the laddus came out well .Once you get one string consistency, you should switch off the flame and add the boondis. You must do both simultaneously.Do not add more water .You can add 1-2 tbsp of ghee in the end to make balls or laddus.Thank you for visiting padhuskitchen

  12. These looks just perfect. Thanks for the tip of grinding the boondis. I loved it.

  13. suppose the boondi's becomes crispy by chance, what to do? because once i tried to make it and became flop. My MIL used to make it very nicely but did not pay much attention to it as i found it is a tedious process. still i tried once or twice and could not succeed. can you guide me in such case what to do? the right consistency of the boondi could not make it.

  14. My brother's 25th wedding anniversary is on 21st August and would like to make "KUTTY" out of this. your early reply will be highly appreciated.


  15. Dear Raji
    If the boondi becomes crisp, you cannot do anything but use it as kara boondi.You should not fry the boondi too much as you do for kara boondi. You should find the right consistency of the boondi only by tasting it and by practice.This recipe is for 47 laddus. You can half the recipe and try it.Good luck!

  16. hi padhu,

    I made it with 100 gms kadalamavu and came out well. thanks once again.

    I fried the grambu and powdered it and mixed it along with cardamom powder. my mil usedto say that people will throw the grambu if we put it whole, if powder it and mix, it willgo in their stomach.


  17. hi padhu,
    wow laddus look awesome n the way u teach to make it step by step is very simple this time m going to make it for Diwali.
    thanks a lot for this recipe.

  18. Yummy! I will try this for Diwali. My queries are:
    1: Since the sugar syrup is most important part
    in making laddu, can u please tell me how
    long should I boil the syrup exactly. When
    exactly should I add cardamom powder and
    2: Shall I add a pinch of Saffron, to get that
    delicious color in laddu, instead of lemon
    yellow food color?
    3: Can I avoid cloves and raisins. I hate
    cloves in sweets as it always dominates the
    4: Why cooking soda is required?

    With regards,
    Mahendra K

  19. I cannot tell you the exact time but you have to boil the sugar syrup until it reaches 1 string consistency.I have written clearly as to what is 1 string consistency. Add cardamom powder to the sugar syrup after it is done or in the beginning.
    You can add lemon yellow color
    You can avoid cloves and raisins if you do not like it.It is all up to you. There are no hard and fast rules.
    Cooking soda is added to give the boondi softness.

  20. Thanks Padu for this wonderful recipe!!!! My 4.5 y/o daughter was craving for boondi laadus after watching English vinglish on Monday...and I decided to use ur recipe....I just halved the ingredients as I wanted to do it on trial basis first time...and they have turned out to be outstanding, I didn't have yellow colour but I added saffron and saffron colour too...not just my daughter but even my friends from FB want more!!! Is there any way I could share my laadu pics with u....BTW, my daughter's nick name is Laadu !!

  21. I feel so happy to hear this .Send the picture to me at I might post it on Padhuskitchen FBpage

  22. boondi was getting stuck to each other when i was putting in oil.. what can be done to avoid it?

  23. Dear Uma
    This happens when you add more water to the boondi batter.So next time try to reduce the water you add.

  24. When you say about cup measurement for milk,water and rice flour,wat size should be the cup? too much of rice flour and water may spoil the ladoo.
    And I heard adding 2 drops of lemon in the syrup will keep stable the string consistency and avoids syrup going hard.Is that true?
    I have tried badusha,Wheat halwa and it was so good.Your measurements are accurate and helped me a lot.Pls reply me asap and I have planned to do laddoo today.:-)

  25. Hi Uma
    I use measuring cups and spoons for all cup and spoon measurements in this blog.Refer
    Measuring Cups and Spoons

    You will get this in all shops which sells baking supplies and in big departmental stores.

    I have not tried adding lemon juice to the sugar syrup.

  26. Dear Padhu,

    My laddoos came out very well.I am so excited:-))
    Thanks a lot.will send you the ladoo photos soon.

  27. Hi Padhu,
    Happy New Year..
    I tried laddoo again for new year.Some boondis in the ladoos was bit hard to munch.Overall ladoo was taste, but I am bit upset with those hard boondis.wat could be the reason?If its Overcooked, boondi shld go crispy rt,Y hard? Pls reply.

  28. Dear Uma
    Happy New year to you Uma
    First kindly read the recipe 2-3 times before trying it.I have written it clearly that you should not fry the boodis till crisp.You have over cooked the boondis. This recipe has been tried by many with success. I have even posted the pictures they send in Padhuskitchen facebook page

  29. just tried ladoos and it came very well.. but my ladoo tastes lil crunchy, guess it ll be ok after some time... otherwise shape, taste is good.. thanks for sharing.. will send a photo of tht too..

  30. just made ladoos and it came really gud.. thanks for sharing.. will share a photo of tht.

  31. I have a question. How many US cups exactly is in 500grams of gram flour? Some says its exactly 2 cups and some say its 2&3/4 cups which is a huge difference. So I am really confused right now and I don't want to ruin the recipe. I would really appreciate if can please tell me the exact measurement of gram flour and sugar in cups ASAP because I am dying to make these laddus.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  32. i've tried it...n my housemates like it....thanks for sharing...^_^

  33. Thank you so much for posting this. They came out very well.Thank you ! God Bless you :)

  34. Thank you for sharing this recipe. They came out really good - The tip to crush boondhi worked really well they came out like temple ladoos. Thanks again !

  35. could u tell me the reason u add rice flour?


  36. tq for the easy to follow step by step pictures. i love laddus. i'll be making this once I can get together the ingredients. Tq gain

  37. thanx a ton for the recipe Padma... i tried them.. Came out well..

  38. How to avoid crystallization of sugar in ladoo?

  39. Sasi Rajesh - If the sugar syrup is not prepared properly, it will resuglt in crystallizaton . Tips - Add 3 drops of lemon juice to the sugar syrup to prevent crystallization of sugar

  40. Hi

    I don't have the boondi ladle to try it out.Instead can I use the Jalli Karandi?

  41. Vimmy - You will not get it in Jalli karandi. You have to use that boondi ladle

  42. Nice to see the laddus.I want to try this for diwali.I have a doubt.500 gms of gram flour makes how many cups?As Iam a beginner bit confused of measurements.Please clarify my doubt. -Nithirva

  43. Muni -I measured it for you. 1 cup besan/gram flour = 125 grams .So 500 grams is 4 cups (flat ) of kadalai mavu

  44. Is there any other option other than the bhoondi ladle? I'm outside India and don't have the ladle with me.. is there any other way to make bhoondis or can I buy the boondhis ready made from shop?

  45. Janaki - Boondis will come out well only with that boondi ladle. You cannot make laddus with boondhis available in shops as you have to make laddu when the boondi is warm.Moreover now a days you do not get sweet boondhis in shops.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. You can use any refined cooking oil like sunflower oil, canola oil or rice bran oil.

  48. Hi Padhu,
    I made laddoos after seeing the recipe from your site. The first time I made the sugar syrup, the syrup crystallized immediately after switching off the stove. By the the time I prepared the boondi's, the syrup had gone hard. I tried adding water and heating it but still it crystallized soon after. So, I prepared the syrup again. This time, the syrup was in liquid state when I added the boondis but after some time it crystallized a little. I managed to form laddoos and the laddoos are tasting good but it has a few white sugar crystals in it. Can you throw some light on what could have went wrong. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

  49. Anitha -You can add 2-3 drops of lemon juice to prevent crystallization of sugar

  50. u r an angel - i tried laddu 2 weeks back- i still cannot blive tht i made it my dear akka :) today my 3 yr old was asking me to make it again. i feel gr8 - i owe it to u:)

  51. Thanks for your recipes.I have been trying your recipes for a while.Not even a single recipe messed up.I'm trying to make with 1 cup first.I see in above comment that 1 cup equals 125 gm.Please let me know the measurements for 1 cup of besan flour.Since i'm making it for the first time.I prefer trying little .Thanking in advance.

  52. i tried the recipe as per the instructions on the site and they turned out great.
    thank you for the step wise procedure and instructions

  53. Hi, my 4 year old was asking for ladoosand yours looked mouth watering..I also faced same problems of sugar syrup after making boondi added very little water and mixed it but I didn't bind into shape at all.. I couldn't make ladoos...I tastes yummy though but I.can't make ladoo.. Can you help me please

  54. I tried your recipe....the laddoos came out perfect!!! my colleagues n family liked it very much.......all credit for you!!! Wish you A VERY HAPPY DIWALI.........Wish you the VERY BEST for your future endeavours....Many thanks n love....

  55. Thanks for the great recipe. We made it for Diwali this year and all loved it!

  56. Hai madam I had a doubt. How much water should we add to make sugar syrup? Equal measure of water or half is enough?

  57. padhu beautiful laddus , please can u tell me which besan works best , coarse or fine

  58. Padhu.. I had tried so many of your recipes and every ine of them turned out so good. I am a decent cook but i love to try out new recipes and your website is a wonder. I tried muruku and ladoo from your recipe for diwali yesterday and they turned out so well... I couldnt believe i made them. Thank you for making it possible... By the way.
    , i dont have boondi ladle so used jalli spoon. The shape of the boondi is not perfect but it still turned out good.can i send u a pic?

    1. Very happy to know that the boondi laddu turned out well. You can send the picture to padhuskitchen facebook page. (link on the right side)

  59. Thanks Padhu for the wonderful recipe...I have tried many of your recipes and all came out well... tried laddu yesterday and it came out fantastic. I visit your blog almost everyday... your blog is really useful for many people...expecting more from you.

  60. hi..i have tried boondhi laddo. everything is fine but after after one day i am getting bad smell(sour smell). its getting spoiled with in 2days. please help me out of this. thanks

    1. Use good quality and fresh ingredients. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before making laddus. Also avoid excess handling.

  61. Hi Padhu,
    Yummy yummy laddoos.How many days we can store it. Storage procedure? Can we refrigerate

    1. Store boondi laddu in an airtight container.It stays good for 3-4 days at room temperature and for more number of days, if refrigerated.

  62. hi, I recently happened to see ur blogs and ur recipes are really superb. the way u explain the procedures are very very clear also ur responses to the queries are so quick. my elder kid s 5and half yrs old. he likes only mothi laddoos. my mom made normal type it came out well too. but still my kid asks for mothi ladoo. what s special in that? is that the same procedure and where could I get that fine holed boondhi karandi.any suggestions please. I planned to try for this diwali.
    _ Thivya

    1. The boondis in the motichoor ladoo are very small and are fried lighty in ghee. In Boondi ladoo, boondis are big and they are fried in oil.You can enquire in any vessel shops for fine holed boondhi karandi.


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