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Monday, July 4, 2011

South Indian Mixture Recipe(Chivda)

Mixture is a famous snack of South India. It is easy to prepare mixture at home. Nothing can beat the taste of home made mixture. I have already published detailed post on How to make Kara Boondi and Omapodi. If you know how to prepare kara boondi and omapodi, then preparing South Indian mixture at home is no big deal.

South Indian Mixture

South Indian Mixture Recipe-Chivda

South Indian Mixture Recipe-Chivda

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 20 mins 
 Yields: 4-5 cups
 Recipe CategorySnacks-Diwali Snacks
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Omapodi ( Sev) - crush it - 2 cups
   Kara boondi -2 cups
   Beaten rice (Aval/poha) - 1 cup
   Fried gram (pottu kadalai) - 1/2 cup
   Peanuts - handful
   Cashew nuts - handful
   Curry leaves- fistful

   Oil for deep frying
   Salt and chilli powder for taste


Prepare Omapodi (sev), crush it and keep it aside. Kindly refer my detailed post with pictures on how to make Omapodi.

Prepare kara boondis. Kindly refer my detailed post with pictures on how to make kara boondi)

Heat oil and fry pottu kadalai ( fried gram) and keep it aside.

Then fry aval and drain it on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Then fry peanuts, cashew nuts and curry leaves separately.

Now mix everything together and sprinkle a little salt and chilli powder on it. Mix well again. There are no hard and fast rules regarding measurements though I have given it approximately. If you like boondi more, you can add more of that. Likewise if you like omapodi (sev),then you can add that more.

Enjoy it as such or with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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  1. I always wanted to prepare this at home.. sure will taken guide from ur blog!!its so yumm

  2. Yummy yummy..my aunt always prepares it at home:-) and its an absolute great snack to munch on

  3. wow dis is real timepass food..i love it

  4. Perfect for tea-time snack... Looks yum...

  5. Gr8 recipe........!!!! This mixture is very famous even in Orissa where ppl fondly call it Madrasi mixture!!!

  6. I love it ... once you start eating..no way you can stop..

  7. Such an appetizing yet easy snack...I'm simply loving it! :)
    Spice n Sugar Tales

  8. YUMMM mixture :) Love eating during tea time :)

  9. Dear padhu
    This is my all time favorite. I have located a place in Noida, where I can get the southern mixtures. I have a good mind to make it, if not the mix but the Omapodi for sure.
    Have a nice week

  10. crunchy and great munch with a hot cup of tea. looks very good.

  11. Love this crispy and yummy snack anytime...

  12. Feel like munching some,my fav mixture..

  13. I love this. wonderfully prepared.

  14. Perfect with a cup of tea..looks great!

  15. Perfect for tea-time snack... Looks yum...

  16. Always wanted to make it, will try this one out..

  17. Love this mixture....My mil makes it every year for diwali...


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