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Paneer Bhurji-Paneer Bhurji Recipe-How to make Paneer Bhurji

Here is a simple side dish for chapati which can be prepared in a jiffy. Paneer Bhurji is prepared with paneer and capsicum and goes well with all Indian Breads.

Paneer Bhurji-How to make paneer bhurji

Paneer Bhurji-How to make Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 15 mins 
 Recipe CategorySide Dish
 Recipe CuisineNorth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Paneer - 100 grams ( homemade paneer recipe)
   Capsicum/Bell Pepper - 1/3 cup (chopped)
   Onion - 1
   Green chilli - 1 finely chopped
   Ginger-garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
   Tomato - 1

   Spice powder

   Turmeric powder - a pinch
   Chilli powder -1/2 tsp
   Garam Masala -1/2 tsp

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 2 1/2 tsp
   Cumin Seeds/Jeera - 1 tsp


Crumble or grate paneer.

Chop capsicum into small pieces.(Green color or a mix of colored capsicums can be used)


1.Heat oil, add cumin seeds, when it sizzles, add finely chopped onions and fry till they turn slightly brown.

2.Add ginger-garlic paste, green chilli and saute for some more time.

3.Then add finely chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt needed, garam masala powder and cook until tomatoes turn mushy.

4.Then add capsicum and cook for a few minutes.(do not overcook the capsicum, make sure it is crunchy )

5.Add crumbled paneer and cook until everything gets blended well with the masala.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chapati or any Indian Bread.You can also use it as a stuffing for chapati rolls or sandwiches.

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  1. Bhurji looks spicy n tangy:-) yummy for sure...

  2. My fav ..pls pass me some:D..loved the capsicum rings on the side:)

  3. Slurp,fingerlicking paneer bhurji..makes me hungry..

  4. bhurji is my fav one. love ur version too

  5. Wav,
    With Bell peppers and paneer Bhurji looks yummy and colorful.

  6. mouth-watering burji ! looks delish !!

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  9. drooling here! Love how simple and delicous this dish is.

  10. cute looking bhurji....thanks for sharing

  11. Yum.Thats one good looking Bhurji.

  12. The only ting i can eat with paneer is this burji, and yours looks too tempting..

  13. Yummy dish and I just love the capsicum decoration :) classic idea :)

  14. Burji looks fabulously tempting! - Often, we order cheese pizzas and then I make up a similar burji with all these ingredients (with Italian seasoning)and the kids LOVE it --

  15. looks so spicy & tangy.. I love this with any type of bread...

  16. Slurp,finger-licking paneer bhurji..makes me hungry..

  17. very colourful and easy to make dish............u hav a very nice blog......happy 2 follow u.............

  18. My kids love this with pav, makes such a healthy and yummy meal, looks good.


  19. Looks so yumm..Perfect for chapathis..

  20. my all time favourite comfort food.Looks delicious

  21. Looks delicious and spicy!
    Waiting for your Valentine's day recipe!

  22. A very colorful dish....loved it :)

  23. Thx for dropping by Padhu...;)Glad u did coz now I of ur lovely site..The burji looks fantastic!! I make burji too but it never looks so good...;) I love these easy to make dishes which go well with rotis as well as served as starters..Now following u..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  24. I am huge fan of paneer. This looks absolutely mouthwatering.

  25. Paneer bhurji looks colorful and yummy..

  26. So tempting,,and can made so fast, just the dish for kids,lunch boxes,you have tickled me into making it right now,,I am off to make it........sigh,no paneer,ok will make it and get back to you.

  27. This bhurji has been my childhood favorite , those days we used only the green capsicum....now i can't have it cuz hubby has developed allergy to bell peppers.

  28. oh those stack of colourful pepper looks too cute, adore the way you make adorable presentation :)

  29. Hi padu, can you explain me what is Tofu? And what is malai paneer?

    1. Tofu is made from soy milk and paneer is make from cow's milk.

  30. Hi padu can you explain me what is salted and unsalted butter? What about pasteurised butter...can we use that butter in cooking?

    1. Difference between salt and unsalted butter- butter which is salted and butter which is unsalted. Check about Pasteurized butter in the link - http://www.cooksinfo.com/pasteurized-butter

  31. This vege with warm roti during this cold season...heaven on earth! Half way cooking have to come and post thanks. Thanks Padhu!!

  32. Thanks for yet another lovely recipe shared 😀


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