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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lunch Box Recipes-Lunch Box Ideas-Lunch Recipes Indian

Indian Lunch Box Ideas - Lunch Recipes

Are you wondering what to pack for lunch? Here are a few Wonderful, Tasty, Healthy, Filling and Quick Lunch Menus that can be prepared in a jiffy. Make your lunch as wholesome as possible and stay away from processed food. I have given few pictures just for you to have an idea.

Peas Pulao - Carrot Raita
lunch box ideas

Sambar - Plantain Flower kootu -Vegetable - Curd rice

lunch box recipes

Capsicum Rice

Peas Pulao

Mint Rice with Paneer

Tomato Rice

Lemon Rice

Special Curd rice (with veggies)

Brinjal rice-Vangi Bath

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao -2 (with tomato and ginger garlic)

Tamarind Rice (Puliyodharai)

Sesame Seed Rice

Coconut Rice

Vegetable Uthappam

Gobi Paratha

Idli with Chutney or Idli podi

Paneer Paratha with Chutney or curd

Rajma Chawal with carrot raita

Coriander rice with papads or raita

Mushroom Pulao

Moong Dal rice with chutney

Sambar Sadam with Onion Raita (South Indian Style)

Mushroom Biryani (easy recipe using pressure cooker)

Daliya Khichdi with pickle or plain curd

Moong Dal Khichdi and a quick potato gravy for it (under 20 minutes recipe)

Chapati Rolls with paneer sabji

For more Recipes kindly check  Rice Recipes and One pot meals ideas and 100 Breakfast Recipes 

You can take even different sandwiches for lunch. You can check out my 100 Breakfast Recipes.

Indian Lunch box ideas Ghee rice -Vegetable Korma- Curd rice(with vegetables)

Lunch Menu Planner New!!

Lunch menu #1Garlic kuzhambu -Carrot stir fry–Radish greens stir fry–Curd rice

Lunch menu #2 - Vegetable Pulao - Brinjal gravy - Gobi 65 - Curd rice

Lunch Menu #3 - Quick moong dal rice - Quick potato gravy -Curd rice

Lunch Menu #4 - Radish sambar- Rice- plantain stem stir fry - keerai kootu- curd -ginger lemon pickle

Lunch menu #5 (North Indian Thali) -Ridge gourd dal ,roti , chawal ,tindora subzi, curd, pickle

Lunch Menu #6 Semiya Biryani - Curd Vermicelli -Mixed Vegetable Raita 

North Indian Lunch 

Henceforth lunch menu ideas will be updated in Lunch menu ideas page.

This page will be updated as and when easy Indian recipes for lunch box are posted. Hope you enjoyed browsing my site and my recipes.Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen. Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Awesome post!!i always bang my head on sundays to prepare my weeks menu will take ur ideas..

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  3. Thnx Padhu.. this is an useful post for me as I have to plan every day wht to give in lunch box..

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    The recipes are great. I am planning to try these recipes . Please post the cooking & Preparation time for each combos.

  16. your recipes are very simple and nice. They remaind me mother's cooking.very nice and keep it up.

  17. easy to cook recipes,great to taste !!!

  18. Lovely post. Great recipes Padhu. Do you have some recipes that can be packed for lunch for 5-6 year olds too?

  19. These lunch box recipes rock. Thanks for sharing them :)

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    Thank you for this useful blog.. you know what...my wife goes to work early in the morning and i surprised her with your easy to make Peas Pulao - Carrot Raita... she felt happy...thanks to you..

  21. excellent guide yaar. pls send receipes regarding weight loss.

    indhra mohan

  22. Hi Padhu ! I am glad to write that I am a big fan of your recipes.. your blog is my first and favourite choice... great deal of nice recipes are posted here.. my cooking radically improved.. helped me to get appreciation from husband, parents and in-laws.. thanks for the service.. keep updating :-)

  23. do oil free recipes are there???????

  24. Hi .. Is there recipes without rice for lunch box?

    1. You have more than 100 breakfast recipes. You can take sandwiches, toast, millets anything you like for lunch box. You can substitute brown rice or millets or quinoa in place of rice. You can also check out the label named lunch box recipes.

  25. You always go for healthy food and since you have listed a lot of recipes with basmati rice, I wanted to ask. Is basmati rice a healthy choice?

    1. Though I have not updated in this post, you find many lunch recipes with millets, couscous, quinoa and other food grains. Being an Indian, I love rice but do not have it everyday. I alternate between various grains. Basmati rice (organic) in not unhealthy when eaten in moderation. You can substitute brown rice or quinoa in place of basmati rice or white rice. You get brown basmati rice also which is more healthier than polished ones.
      You can check my lunch box recipes label where you find dishes with different food grains.

  26. I Padhu,
    I m searching for different and simple daal recipes in your web index.
    Pl guide have u post daal recipes.

    1. This category has many recipes using dal. Search older post in this for dal recipes like dal tadka, lauki dal etc
      Dal Recipes

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