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Monday, September 6, 2010

Rice Recipes-Rice dishes-Rice recipe Vegetarian Indian

Rice Recipes-Rice dishes-Rice recipe Vegetarian-Indian

You will find collection of Rice Recipes in this section. To make it more healthy, you can substitute with brown rice also. 

South Indian Curd rice
Curd rice with pomegranates 
Mint Pulao with paneer

Tomato Rice

Coconut rice

Lemon rice

Special Curd Rice

Brinjal rice /Vangibath

Peas Pulao

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Rice -2 ( with tomato and garlic)

Vegetable Biryani

Bisibelebath recipe/ Bisibelabath

Sesame seed Rice

Red Beans Rice- Indian

Baby Corn Rice

Carrot Rice

Steamed rice balls/Upma kuzhakattai

Rice Kheer

Tamarind Rice

Cauliflower Rice /Cauliflower pulao

Brown Rice Salad

Sweet Pongal recipe/Sakkarai Pongal

Methi Rice-Methi Pulao

Paneer Pulao

Capsicum Rice-Bell Pepper Rice

Easy Ghee rice

Poha Pulao (Aval pulao)

Rajma Chawal (rajma/kidney beans rice)

Coriander Rice (Kothamalli sadam)

Vegetable Fried Rice

Vendaya Keerai Sadam (Fenugreek greens rice -South Indian style)

Mushroom Pulao

Moong Dal rice (Arisi Paruppu Sadam)

Sambar Sadam (Tamil Nadu Style)

Akkaravadisal (Sweet milk pongal)

Mushroom Biryani

Sweet Corn Rice (pulao)

Jeera Pulao (cumin flavored rice)

Moong dal Khichdi

Brown Rice Upma 

Mango Masala Rice 

Tomato Pulao

Brown Rice Pulao (vegetable rice with brown rice)

Andhra Puliyodharai Recipe (stepwise pics)

Mint Pulao with tomato thayir pachadi (tomato raita and pudina pulao)

Egg Fried Rice (Indo Chinese style)

Bagala Bath Recipe or thayir sadam (South Indian Style)

Channa Pulao (chick peas/kondaikadalai sadam)

Soya Chunks Biryani (meal maker biryani)

Peas Pulao (matar pulao) - step wise pics for beginners

Khara Pongal 

Pal payasam (made with rice, milk and sugar)

Gooseberry Rice (rich in vitamin C)

Easy Corn Capsicum Pulao  (step wise pictures)

Vegetable Khichdi Recipe in pressure cooker (step wise pictures)

Mushroom Paneer Biryani (step wise pictures)

Potato Capsicum Pulao (step wise pictures)

Easy Vegetable Rice (no ginger galic paste or elaborate procedures-step wise pictures)

Spinach Khichdi  ( nutritious recipe with step wise pictures)

Raw Mango Rice (Andhra style)

Mushroom Fried Rice 

Egg Fried Rice 

Broccoli Rice 

Tawa Pulao (Mumbai's popular fast food)

Garlic Rice 

Schezwan Fried Rice 

Double Beans Rice 

Beetroot Pulao

Arisi Paruppu Sadam-Kovai style -(dal rice)

Kashmiri Pulao

Mochai Kottai Biryani 

Dal Khichdi

Egg Biryani (giving link here as it is a rice recipe)

Panchratna Dal Khichdi with brown rice

Tindora Rice (kovakkai sadam)

Karuveppilai sadam (curry leaves rice)

Urad Dal Rice (ulundu sadam)

Persian Dill Rice 

Easy Pressure Cooker Veg Biryani 

Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi 

Bottle Gourd Rice

Cumin Pepper Rice

Keerai Sadam 

Kadamba Sadam (no onion no garlic recipe)

Coconut Milk Rice 

Coconut milk vegetable green pulao

Methi Khichdi 

Karnataka Style Vangi Baath 

Methi Khichdi

Green Pulao with coconut milk and vegetables

Thengai Pal Sadam 


Couscous recipe with sauce (vegetarian)

Quinoa Pulao with pinto beans 

Cracked Wheat Sambar sadam

Couscous with peas and mushroom 

Couscous with cauliflower and peas 

Bulgur biryani 

Kalkandu Pongal 

Millet Pulao 

Orzo Pasta with tomato and bell pepper

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This page will be updated as and when rice recipes are posted. Hope you enjoyed browsing my recipes. Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen.


  1. Dear Padhu
    This is better...humm rice...I love ...that roti business, yet to develop a taste for roti..( Puri and paratha is OK). Book marking it....
    Have a nice day

  2. wow...a collection of rice recipes in a list!!!

  3. Great collection of variety rice preparations padhu....

  4. hi padhu....ur receipes are very easy to.understand n very tempting also...i have a request fr u I want you to write a receipe fr me bt I dnt its name . wen I was in school my frnd used brng this it was rice with black colr whole dal...hope u understood wat im sayimg....kindly if possible write receipe fr tht.....thanks in advance....

  5. Hi Padhu
    You got a very nice & cute collection of recipes. I have tried ur few dishes it has turned out well. Thanks:-)

    I just have a small clarification. When making the rice it comes grainy but with little lumps. If
    I mix when hot it gets mushed. So how to avoid lumps and stir rice once cooked. (basmati rice 1:2 ratio for 2 whistles)


  6. Dear Diya
    Sorry for not replying to your query immediately as I was away on a vacation. If you are using basmati rice, soak for 15-20 minutes, drain the water and add 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice.If you feel the rice becomes mushy, reduce the water a little. For 1 cup of rice add 1 3/4 cup of water. After cooking for 2 whistles. switch off and do not open until the pressure subsides. Then fluff it gently with a fork. You can also try this method which I have mentioned in my veg pulao recipe.

  7. Hi Padhu,

    Thank you soo much for ur reply!

    I was actually using 1:1.5 before but my kid was finding it difficult since it was bit dry. So made this 1:2 though it was grainy but wen I packed for lunch it made lumps. And wen I mixed it is getting Mashed. So just wanna know Wat would be e mistake so tat I can make it correct next time. It would be great if u let Me know it.

    Thanks in advance,

  8. Hi Padhu,
    Please write recipe for French onion and black olive fried rice

  9. hi padhu,
    your recipes are really good.whenever i want to try something special i firectly log in to your site.

  10. Y ur healthandbeautytips blog is unavailable mam...

    1. There is some problem with the server.The server crashed and they are restoring it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  11. Hi Padhu, i couldn't find kovakkai rice recipe, instead it redirects me to dal khichdi page. Just want to inform you


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