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Saturday, August 31, 2013

North Indian Lunch Menu Ideas-Simple North Indian Meals

This is a very simple North Indian Meal which I prepared at home. I love very simple yet nutritious meals. Instead of preparing an array of dishes, I plan my meals in such a way that it is nutritious and well balanced.

North Indian Lunch Menu

Are you a working women looking for a healthy yet simple way to cook meals? If yes, then this healthy meal plan or Healthy North Indian Lunch Idea is just for you. It took me less than an hour to make all the above dishes.

Bhindi Masala
Dal Palak (spinach with lentils)
Curd or Lassi 

In the menu above you have greens with lentils (palak and dal). Lentils have a high nutritional value. Spinach or Palak is store house of nutrients. It is rich in iron and contains a good amount of soluble dietary fiber. Phulka is made from whole wheat -whole grains substantially lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk. Lady's finger has a good sources of fiber, folates and other vitamins and minerals. Instead of curd, for a change I made lassi to have after meals.Curd is rich in calcium and rice has carbohydrates.

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  1. Thanks. But We have this meal once a while @ our home.

  2. delicious and mouthwatering platter.

  3. Love the dishes here. Simple yet flavourful and healthy.

  4. Nice and healthy dish and saves lot of time in the morning.

  5. I just love the clen presentation ans simplicity of your recipes.You are sure an inspiration :)

  6. Thanks, i need some other easy making side dishes for chapathi. my husband taking lunch box for afternoon and also night dinner. I dont know what i make daily for chapathi.

  7. Great recipies.. Tried few of your recipies and it turned out well. Thanks.

  8. Great recipies. I tried out few and it all turned wonderful. Thanks.

  9. Hi Padhu,
    How on earth did you manage to make all those in one hour?? I would take close to 2 hours hours to just make chapati & one sabzi!!!! Can you please break it down - how long each one took? Yeah, you would have parallely done the things, but can you pleeeasse explain? Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Maushmi- You can easily finish the above meal in 1 hour time, if you plan it properly. I basically multitask and also I am a good planner. I first plan what I am going to cook, then keep all the ingredients ready.Soaking dal in hot water saves a lot of time.First I make the dough for roti. While it is resting, I prepare the dal and sabji side by side. I have a gas stove with 2 burners, so it is quicker. I use pressure cooker for cooking dal. When the sabji is getting ready, I will start rolling out rotis. Once the sabji and dal is over, I heat the tawa and make rotis. that's it. You can also do it.

  10. Thanks for replying Padhu!
    I'm sorry for bombarding you with newbie-questions again, if you get time & don't mind, can you please reply? - Does that time include the time for washing the greens & veggies? I use up a lot of time there (without my knowledge the time flies as I wash, clean & chop them:) ) I also tend to keep on rinsing rice & dal till I get near-clear water, which I think I can/should reduce. Do you keep washing them the same way? Or just a couple of rinses?
    Yeah, you are toooo good at multi-tasking! :)

    1. It does not include the time for washing vegetables and greens. May be you need another 6-7 minutes for washing vegetables. I wash and rinse greens alone 3 times, vegetables only once.Rice and dal- I just rinse it 2-3 times.That's all. I feel you are over doing it a bit.

  11. I am beginner and your receives are of good help to me. Thank you


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