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Friday, November 25, 2011

One Pot Meals-One Pot Indian Recipes (Vegetarian)

Working women, students, bachelors, busy women out there - this post is specially for you all . On days, when you come back home, after a hectic day, tired and drained with no energy to slog in the kitchen nor do you feel like going out or use any ready to cook meals, yet you want a comforting meal without much efforts. Moreover eating out not only drains your pocket but also has its own health hazards. Here is an answer to all your problems -One Pot meals - No fuss - Quick - Easy - Less ingredients - only 1 pot to wash.What more do you want?? Go ahead and prepare healthy and scrumptious meals in a jiffy at the comforts of your home. Even beginners can start with one pot dishes with confidence.

one pot mealsThe most simplest and the most easiest of all, prepared with ingredients available all through the year. Quick, comforting one pot dishes list below-

Packed with vitamins and minerals

Tomato rice

Vegetable Pulao (vegetable rice)

Easy Vegetable Biryani (using rice cooker or pressure cooker)

Peas Pulao

Vegetable Fried Rice

Moong dal rice

Sambar sadam

Rajma Pulao ( Kidney beans rice)

Other filling one pot meals

Aval Pulao (poha packed with vegetables)

Vegetable Noodles

Couscous with vegetable sauce

Barley Spinach Khichdi

Foxtail Millet Khichdi
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  1. A wealth of informative and useful recipes in one page. Thanks :)

  2. Dear Padhu,

    I simply love your website....


  3. Hi,
    I can say this is the bets site i have evr seen.
    please add curry recipes for lunch box, will be good and easy for Working womans.

  4. You hit comprehend out of the most construction topics.

  5. for me pls try microwave receipes tooooo pls

  6. Could you suggest one-pot meals without rice too - something in the soup variety that a working woman can put on the table to serve a hungry family during cold winters (when you're too lazy to lay out a spread on the table, AND want to cut down on rice?)

  7. Absolutely fabulous!!! I am a doctor & am torn between cooking healthy food & time. Thanks a lot, really appreciate your effort Padhu!!!

  8. awesome idea. great job. It is really helpful to me. Before find out this post I was really feeling giddiness to get idea what to prepare, how to prepare, because the in timing going to office is fixed. the out time is not fixed. Returning back from office I was confused what to do, is there any easy preparation of food and go for bed earlier and get soon. Here the way I found out. Very much grateful to you.

  9. Great effort. Everyone needs to learn to cook healthy good and Indian food is so rich and diverse, and easy too. Loved the Indian recipes and shared with others. Thanks for doing a great job!

  10. OMG! Thank you SO much for this post. I have just not been able to manage a long day at work + the cooking...but now looks like I will finally be able to do so!

  11. Amazing list of rice preparations. I have always cooked your recipes, some are very similar to what my mum used to make. Well done.


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