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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Besan Laddu-Besan ke Ladoo-Besan Ladoo Recipe

Besan Ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet prepared with bengal gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar. It is very delicious and also very easy to make. Today we will learn how to prepare Besan ka ladoo following our easy recipe.

Besan Laddu-Besan ke ladoo

Besan Laddu

Besan Laddu

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 30 mins 
 Yields: 10-12 Laddus
 Recipe CategoryIndian Sweet-Dessert
 Recipe CuisineNorth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Bengal gram flour/ Besan (kadalai mavu) -1 1/2 cup
   Fine Sooji (fine rava) - 2 tbsp
   Sugar -3/4 cup powdered
   Ghee - 1/3 cup
   Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
   Raisins - few (optional)
   Almonds - 5-6 thinly sliced (optional)
   Unsalted pistachio (finely chopped)- 2 tbsp for garnishing (optional)


Powder sugar, chop nuts and keep it aside.


Heat ghee in a pan, reduce the flame, add besan and sooji (or even semolina flour) gradually and stir continuously so that there are no lumps.

Cook on low flame stirring continuously till you get a nice aroma of roasted besan and the color starts changing. (It will take approximately around 15 minutes on low flame.)

Switch off and remove from heat. Keep stirring for 2-3 minutes after removing from heat. Keep aside and let it become warm.

When it is warm, add sugar, almonds, cardamom powder, raisins and mix well.

Divide the mixture into equal portions and shape into medium lemon sized balls.

Decorate it with finely chopped pistachio and almonds. After it cools completely, store in an air tight container. This stays good for a week if handled properly.

Note- Suppose if the mixture becomes too dry, making it difficult to make balls, do not panic, just add 1-2 tsp of warm ghee to the mixture and then make besan ladoo.

If the mixture becomes too soft, you can refrigerate the mixture for 10-15 minutes and then make besan laddus. In that case, you can reduce the amount of ghee the next time you make laddus.

In case if you are using besan sold for the purpose of making laddus, you can skip adding rava or sooji.

Shelf Life - 1 week at room temperature, if handled properly

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  1. Feel like finishing that whole plate, damn cute looking besan laddoos.

  2. Hi Padhu
    A super delicious preparation. We made besan laddoos too last week at Boise.Came out quite well.

  3. Excellent and irresistible,makes me hungry..

  4. Wow yummy ladoo !!! Looks so tasty and cute ones !!!

  5. Has been in my to do list... looks inviting

  6. Perfectly made,love the color..divine

  7. The laddus are attractively shaped, making them look very appetizing :)

  8. Hi Padhu all your recipes are very useful & simple Especially for beginners like me.Please give us the step by step recipe for mysorepak & also set dosai & saagu

  9. Perfectly done. Loved the color and the garnish !!

  10. Looks yummy!!! This Weekend sweet will these ladoos

  11. yummm ....loved the colour of the ladoos ...

  12. Great looking ladoos.. I was looking for this recipe.. Bookmarked this right away!

  13. Just now I tried this ladoo, it came out very well & delicious ... Thank u so much ...

  14. Hi padhu im a little confused regarding rava exactly how n wen to add it...n one more thing pls tell me mothichur ladoo recipe also..pls..

    1. You have to fry the rava (use fine rava/sooji) along with the besan. Thanks for letting me know. I will update it. Will post mothichur ladoo soon. Check boondi laddu

  15. I made besan ladoo today...they turned out well


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