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Foxtail Millet Adai-Thinai Paruppu Adai-Healthy Dinner Recipes-Millet Recipes

Foxtail Millet is know as Kangni in Hindi, Thinai in Tamil, Korra in Telugu, Navane in Kannada and Thina in Malayalam. It is a variety of millet. Millets are gluten free and highly nutritious. The good thing is millets can be substituted in place of rice or wheat in most recipes. This adai has lentils and millets, so it is highly nutritious, full of fiber and rich in protein. This adai can be had for breakfast or dinner.
Foxtail Millet Adai
Foxtail millet adai with coriander chutney

Foxtail Millet Adai-Thinai Adai

Foxtail Millet Adai-Thinai Adai

 Prep Time : 15 mins
 Cook Time : 30 mins 
 Yields:10 adais
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast-Millets
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Foxtail Millet/Thinai - 1 cup
   Tur dal - 1/2 cup
   Bengal gram/channa dal/ kadalai paruppu - 1/2 cup
   Urad dal (whole urad dal) -1 tbsp
   Red chillies -3-4
   Hing - a pinch
   Salt as needed
   Grated coconut -3 tbsp (optional)
   Oil for making adai (sesame seed oil preferable)


Soak foxtail millet and all the 3 dals (tur dal, channa dal and urad dal) together for 3-4 hours.

Grind it along with salt, red chillies and hing just like you grind for regular adai. The consistency of the batter should neither be thick nor thin. Add grated coconut and mix well.


Heat a tawa, (check by sprinkling water to see if the tawa is hot enough to pour the batter) pour a ladle of adai batter and spread it in a circular motion just as you do for regular adai.

Drizzle a tsp of oil around the adai. Once it is cooked, the corners will start lifting up. Flip it over to the other side. Drizzle another 1/2 tsp of oil and cook well.

Remove from tawa and serve hot with any chutney of your choice. This adai tasted so delicious that it has become a regular feature in my house.

To know more about millet varieties, how to cook millets and health benefits of millet, check this post on Millets

Note - In case if you are going to store the batter, do not add coconut. Add coconut only at the time of making adais.

You can add finely chopped onions, green chillies, 1-2 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves to the tinai adai batter to make it more delicious.

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I had written in my earlier post about millet that I have shifted to eating millets 3 days in a week. So stay turned for many more millet recipes. 

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  1. Very very healthy dish,i am looking forward to incorporate in my diet

  2. Wow ! Serve cut and delicious adai...

  3. Love to finish that whole plate rite now,irresistible nutritious adai.

  4. You are reviving all the classic recipes..that's really great

  5. Dear Padhu, thank you very much for sharing these really great recipes. On this auspicious day of Dusshera, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for being my virtual teacher. All the recipes that I have tried of your's have turned out great. Please keep up the respectable work...Sudha Kannan.

  6. Really nice recipe. Adais came out really crispy and tasty. I used millet flour and it came out good with that as well

  7. hi padhu- can we also add drumstick leaves to this thinai adai like how we do for normal rice adai?

  8. Hi..can i soak it overnight .. the grains .. and grind and make in morning .. this batter is not be fermented correct ..

    1. Yes, you can do that. Fermentation is not necessary. I usually soak it in the morning, grind it in the afternoon and make millet adai for dinner.

  9. Hey.. Great one.. But it would hv been helpful if u could write how many adais it makes

    1. Sure , next time when I try it, I will update it. It serves 4 persons.

  10. Can I use Little Millet instead of Foxtail?

  11. hi, quick question for you,
    Bengal gram/channa dal/ kadalai paruppu - 1/2 cup,
    it is half cup of each item or all together half cup? thanks in advance,

    1. All are the same. Bengal gram is known as channa dal in Hindi and kadalai paruppu in Tamil.

  12. Hi Padhu
    I tried this out today and it turned out even tastier than regular adai. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  13. For those wanting a gluten-free diet, this should be inculcated in daily diet! Thankyou for sharing. Lovely recipe.

  14. Something as healthy as this must definitely be incorporated in diet. Can be had any time. :)

  15. Hi padhu,
    As always, I am a regular visitor. Thennai used is thennai arasi or only thennai. As I am new to all types of millets. In stores we get varagu, varagu arasi, thennai, thennai arasi etc. For all or most of ur millets recepices have u used arasi or only the non- arasi millet. I m confused. Pls reply.

    1. Both Thennai and thennai arisi are the same. I buy organic millets from health stores which is cleaned and packed.

  16. hi.. is the soak necessary after grind those ingredients..

  17. Thank you so much for making the millet cooking easier and tastier !!!

  18. waoo very nice and healthy recipe

  19. Hi Padhu, Prepared this adai for dinner today. Adais were soft, crispy with very nice aroma. I used to enjoy eating "Thinai maavu", a prasadham in Pazhani temple. Now-a-days we cannot get it there. After that I relished this thinai adai. Thanks much!


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