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Mushroom Matar Paneer Gravy Recipe-Paneer Mutter Mushroom

Matar Mushroom Paneer is another classic Indian gravy prepared with mushroom, peas and paneer. It is creamy, delicious and tastes heavenly with rotis, naan, paratha and with vegetable pulao, jeera pulao, easy vegetable rice and ghee rice. If you love mushrooms and paneer, then you will surely love this gravy. Today we will learn how to make Paneer Mutter Mushroom following this easy recipe with step wise pictures and cooking instructions.

Paneer Mutter Mushroom
Paneer Mutter Mushroom with easy vegetable rice

Mushroom Matar Paneer Gravy-Mutter Mushroom Paneer

Paneer Mutter Mushroom

 Prep Time : 15 mins
 Cook Time : 20 mins 
 Serves: 4
 Recipe CategorySide Dish
 Recipe CuisinePunjabi-Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Paneer -15-16 cubes
   Mushroom -200 grams
   Fresh Peas/Matar -1/2 cup
   Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp (for sauteing mushroom, paneer)
   Salt to taste

   Onion Paste -1 cup
   Ginger-Garlic Paste -1 tsp
   Tomato Puree - 1 cup

   Spice Powder

   Red Chilli Powder - 3/4-1 tsp
   Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
   Coriander powder -2 tsp
   Kitchen King Masala/garam masala - 1 tsp

   For grinding (raw)

   Cashew nuts - 2 tbsp
   Khus Khus - 2 tsp

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 3 tbsp (or mix of oil + butter)
   Cloves -2
   Cinnamon -1 inch piece
   Cardamom -1

   For garnishing

   Finely chopped coriander leaves -2 tbsp


Grind raw onions and keep it ready. We need 1 cup of onion paste.

Grind tomatoes and keep the tomato puree ready. Use juicy tomatoes.

Soak cashew nuts and khus khus in a little hot water for 15 minutes and grind it to a smooth paste.

Cook peas with a little salt until tender. If using dry peas, soak it overnight, pressure cook with a little salt until tender and keep it ready. You can use frozen peas also.

Clean and cut mushrooms into 2 pieces.

Marinate the paneer and mushrooms separately with a little chilli powder, salt, coriander powder and ginger-garlic paste (just a little from the quantity mentioned under 'spice powder'). Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Heat 1/2 tbsp of oil and saute the mushrooms on medium flame stirring now and then, until soft. Keep it aside.

Heat another 1/2-3/4 tbsp of oil and saute the marinated paneer on low flame for a few minutes.

All the things we need to prepare the gravy are ready-
Onion paste - tomato paste - ginger garlic paste - cashew+khus khus paste, sauteed mushroom and paneer and all the spice powder. When we keep things ready, it saves a lot of time and mess. This is from my personal experience.

sauteing paneer and mushroom


Heat oil, add cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. Saute for a few seconds and add onion paste.

Saute the onion paste on medium flame until it turns light brown. Add salt to speed up the process. Continuous stirring is necessary for the onions to brown evenly.

Once the onion paste browns slightly, add ginger garlic paste and saute until the rawness of the paste goes.

preparation for mushroom matar paneer

Then add tomato puree/paste and all the spice powder mentioned under 'spice powder' and salt needed.

Cook until the raw flavor of the tomato paste goes and it oozes out oil. (compare the color difference in the picture of the tomato paste below)

Then add the cashew nut + khus khus paste and cook for a further 3 minutes.

how to make Mushroom Matar Paneer

Add the sauteed mushroom, paneer, cooked peas and mix well.

Then add a cup of water and simmer until everything gets incorporated well with the gravy.

Mushroom Matar Paneer Gravy

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatis, naan or any flavored rice.

You can adjust the consistency of the gravy according to your personal preferences.

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  1. Wow mushrooms are one of my weakness...I am definitely going to prepare this dish for sure...thank u so very much

  2. Hello padhu
    plz let me knw if khus khus means poshto or melon seeds

  3. How many cashew nuts to use i m planning to mak it tomorrw

    1. Khus khus in English is poppy seeds. Cashew nuts- I have written clearly 2 tbsp chopped - approximatley around 4 cashew nuts

  4. thanks mam.
    i made it for tonight :))

  5. really very good..thank you very much for the recipe!

  6. Thank u padhu.i got a very easy receipe.☺

  7. Thanku mam.. its just waoooooooo I m making just now.. :-)

  8. I prepared this recipe just now. I.. tastes awesome. I added Kashmir methi..it tasted good. .. thank u.. padhu

  9. I tried this for some guests yesterday. Nice colour and tasted awesome. Thanks Padhu!

  10. hello,
    nice recipe. do you use fresh corn or canned baby corn?
    thank you

    1. I have not used corn at all in this recipes. I assume that u are asking about the peas. I have used fresh peas but you can use frozen or canned peas also.

  11. Is it necessary to saute mushrooms n paneer? Can't I just add them to the curry n cook?

    1. You can add but in this method, the gravy will be more delicious.Since we are marinating and the sauteing separately and then adding to the gravy, it will not be bland and raw.

    2. Thank u so much for ur prompt reply.

  12. Hi Padhu. My gravy turned out bitter. Where did I go wrong

    1. If your gravy turned out bitter, the only reason could be, that you might have burnt the onion paste.

  13. Very simple and nice.. i love mushroom and paneer. it has come out very well. thanks for the recipe

  14. Hi padhu
    I tried this recipe now but without mushroom but it came out really well
    Thank u

  15. Prepared it today... added a few things of my own like kasuri methi... outcome was awesome.. a must try recipe for all☺

  16. Hi Padhu Sankar,

    Great receipe... I have made it and it turned out to be good.. Thanks a lot

  17. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. It came out so well that it had become our all time favorite side dish for poori at our home.


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