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Appam Recipe-Appam without yeast

Appam is a very popular and traditional breakfast of Kerala. This is not the typical Kerala appam recipe but the Tamil Nadu style of making appams. Appams are soft and spongy in the center and has a  lacy border. It is very good for health as it does not require much oil and I have not added much coconut also. This was requested by a reader long time back but I could not post it earlier. I learn't this from my dear friend. There are hardly any chances for this recipe to go wrong as I have tried it many times and every time it comes out very soft. 

Appam recipe

How to make soft appam without yeast

Ingredients needed 

Raw rice - 1 cup
Par boiled rice - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 2 1/2 tbsp (whole urad dal without skin)

Coconut milk -3 tbsp
Cooking soda or appam soda - 1/2 tsp
Appam pan (also called appa chatti)

Appam preparation

Soak raw rice, par boiled rice, fenugreek seeds and urad dal for 10-12 hours.(I soaked it from morning 6 to evening 6 pm, then ground it and fermented it overnight)

After 10 hours, ground it to a fine paste. Add salt and mix it well with your hands. I ground it with warm water.The batter should be of thinner consistency than dosa batter. Store it in an airtight container, leave it for another 10 hours or overnight to ferment. In the morning the appam batter would have raised nicely.

Before making appams, add coconut milk, appam soda and mix well. Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes- appam batter  can be used to make soft appams.


Traditionally appams are made in iron skillet called appa chatti. I have used the Prestige non stick appam pan. If you do not have appa chatti or appam pan, you can make it in any other non stick pan with lid.

First coat the appam pan with oil using a cloth. (Add a drop of oil into the pan and wipe it all over with a cloth.)

Heat the appam pan, then reduce the heat to low. Now add a ladle of batter in the center of the pan.(pan should not be too hot)

how to make appam

Holding both the handles of the pan, rotate the pan in such a way that the batter spreads all around in a circle. The remaining batter will come to the center (that is why the appam is thick in the center and lacy on the outside) See picture below - My maid was kind enough to do the rotating for me so that I could take pictures to show you all.

appam batter

After that close the pan with the lid. The flame should be kept in low. Once the appam is cooked and the edges start turning brown, remove the appam from the pan. (the appam will come off easily if you lift it with your hands)

Appam Recipe- tamil style

Serve appam hot from the pan with sweetened coconut milk or any coconut based dishes.

Check out my Vegetable stew recipe.

Even coconut chutney goes well with appam.

appam without yeast
Appam with coconut milk
Note - This is a foolproof recipe. Suppose, if the appam gets stuck to the pan, then you have added more coconut milk.

Add coconut milk and cooking soda only at the time of making appams to needed batter as if you add coconut milk to the whole lot, you cannot store the batter for long.

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  1. Aapam looks perfect,crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.I almost make with the same proportion but without urad dhal and fenugreek..will try this next time.

  2. Love this appams, serve me with sweet coconut milk, i can have it anytime.

  3. I have never made appam with cooked rice but I would like to try this yeast-free method. Thank you, Padhu! Yours look lovely and nice. :)

  4. Something I have been waiting to try for a long time. Thanks for the step by step presentation!

  5. so soft n delicious appam, love to grab few :-)

  6. Perfect favorite...bookmarked...

  7. Perfectly all time favorite..

  8. Padhu !
    Today Morning my aunt prepared appam..
    I thought while having it i should also see appam making in PK today.. opening my mail now got your appam receipe.. !

  9. soft & spongy...!!! Loved this version.. ;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. what is appam soda....? can we use fruit salt or normal soda?

  11. THe appam looks so delicious and perfect :)


  12. Madam,
    I am grateful to you.
    Appam photos are very beautiful.
    I had a feeling ,while looking at appam photos,that I am at Munaa'sr 5 star Hotel.
    shrikant tillu

  13. Madam,
    1)What is appam soda
    2)With yeast and Without yeast-whether there will be difference is test?
    3)I read somewhere that in Kerala Urad dal is not added.
    Kindly give your opinion.
    shrikant tillu

  14. Madam,
    What is Par boiled rice ?
    Do you mean that 1cup of Cooked Rice is to be added?
    Sorry for asking so many questions.But I want the test which I had at Munnar.
    shrikant tillu

  15. Deepa - Apppam soda is cooking soda. You can also use baking soda or cooking soda or appam soda.All are the same.Do not use fruit salt.

    Shrikant - First thanks you for you appreciation. There will not be much difference in taste if you do not add yeast. Only in Tamil Nadu they are adding a little urad dal .In Kerala they add toddy to ferment the batter. Since that is not available here I have used cooking soda.

    Second question - Par boiled rice is Pulungal arisi in tamil . More details about par boiled rice is here -

    I cup of rice means just rice and not cooked rice.I will mention if it is cooked rice

  16. Hi first time here..nice collection of recipes,glad to fallow visit my space..Appam without yeast sounds interesting..must try..

  17. Never tasted appam with cooking soda. Will give it a shot.

  18. I have seen my mom make appam the traditional way but this recipe is quite easy. I will surely try this one and thr4 am bookmarking it. Thanks for the same. Visit

  19. Good and soft appam... I loved it....

  20. Hi padhu what is the different between backing soda and backing sald?then which can i use for aapam?

  21. Revathy -there is difference between baking soda and baking powder. You can use appam soda or cooking soda for appam.

  22. Hi Padhu, can we grind this flour in mixie?

  23. Hi Padhu, can i know 1 cup is of what will be helpful if i get it in gms..

  24. I use this measuring cup for all the recipes in this blog. You get it easily in all shops which sell baking items. Check link below
    Measuring cups and spoons

  25. Hi Padhu, Amazing collection of recipes, have tried a lot of them. I am not able to understand this one though. Could you please elaborate on the steps for making batter. Thanks in advance.

  26. oh akka parboiled means puzhungal arisi?
    I thought it is also one of the rice variety like puzhungal...or think about boiling it.
    we normally use ponni puzhungal Is that enough?
    Akka soda or cooking soda or aapa soda all are same na?
    The one we are using for bhajjis,bondas and dosas is the same soda or diff?

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe akka

  27. Mymoon- you can use puzhungal arisi. All sodas are the same. Yes the one you use for bajji .Regarding your doubt about idiyappam, you can use the plate you got from your native. Also knead the idiyappam dough lightly into a smooth dough.You do not have to knead like chapati.

  28. Hi Padhu....
    Thank you so much for this recipe. Previously I tried making Appam so many times and it never came out well. This time I followed ur recipe.... It came out well.... :).

  29. Hi Padhu....
    Thank you so much for this recipe. Previously I tried making Appam so many times and it never came out well. This time I followed ur recipe.... It came out well.... :).

  30. My mom use to make appam which we'll consume along with coconut milk and groundnut chutney. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  31. Made it yesterday and came out very well even for a novice like me.
    As mentioned in your recipe I think it is a fool proof one.
    Yet another super collection to my tiffin menu for the children.
    Thanks a lot,God bless you.

    1. Does the colour of the Appam change by adding soda???

    2. Hi padu I tried appam...but the brown color I couldn't get and appam wasn't white, it was sticking with inside and sides of appam ...what was the reason?

  32. Hello padhu, could you please let me know how to make aapam batter without adding coconut milk and baking soda?


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