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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tomato Dosa-Thakkali Dosai-Instant Dosa Recipe

Today I am going to share with you 2 versions of tomato dosa. One is my mother's version, which is instant. You can prepare that if you have idli or dosa batter at home. Suppose you do not have idli or dosa batter at home, then you can opt for the second recipe. Personally I prefer the first one.The second one is good but should be taken hot. I do not like tomato dosa batter prepared with rice alone as I feel the dosa is not soft. Today we will learn how to make tomato dosa following our easy recipe.

Tomato dosa
Soft and tasty tomato dosa with onion chutney
Instant Tomato dosa

Ingredients needed

Dosa Batter - 2 1/4 cup

For grinding

Tomatoes (medium sized ripe ones) -2
Green chillies - 1-2
Jeera/cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Ginger - 1 inch piece


Dry grind jeera first coarsely, then add tomatoes, ginger, green chilli and grind to a fine paste adding little salt.(dosa batter already has salt in it)

Mix this with the dosa batter nicely. Our tomato dosa batter is ready. Now we will make dosa. You can add a little finely chopped coriander leaves if preferred.

Heat a non stick tawa or an iron tawa, add a drop of oil and rub with half an onion.(this is done to prevent the dosa from sticking to the tawa)

Pour 1 ladle of batter in the center and spread it in a circular motion.

Drizzle a tsp of oil around the dosa. Once the dosa is cooked to some extent, flip it over to the other side.

Cook the other side also well and serve hot with any chutney or just idli podi.

Thakkali Dosai recipe -2

Thakkali dosa- tomato dosa

Ingredients needed 

Par boiled rice - 1/2 cup
Raw rice - 1 1/2 cup
Urad dal (whole urad dal without skin) - 1/4 cup
Poha/ aval/ flattened rice/beaten rice - 1/2 cup
Tur dal - 2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp

For grinding separately

Tomato - 2
Green chilli - 3-4
Jeera/ cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Pearl onions - 4-5 (optional)


1.Soak all the above ingredients for 3-4 hours except poha. You can soak poha 15 minutes before grinding.

2.Grind separately tomato, green chilli, cumin/jeera seeds and pearl onions to a fine paste. Keep it aside.

After soaking, grind 1 along with poha to a smooth paste. Then add 2 to the ground batter and grind both together for a few minutes. Add salt needed.

Let the batter ferment for 5 hours. Then you can use the batter to make tomato dosa as explained above.

I have tried this method many times. The dosa is very tasty and soft but should be taken hot.

Note - If you like pepper flavor, you can substitute green chillies with whole black pepper.

Both the pictures are dosa made from the first method.

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If you are new to making dosa, then check out my basic dosa recipe on how to make dosa 

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  1. its always better to cook different the normal dosa....this one sure is tangy and yummy

  2. romba nalla iruku. easy yavum iruku.. try panni parkuren..

  3. Mouthwatering dosas!! Loved your version of the 1st method..I add coconut but that makes dosa stick to pan..Will try your way ;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  4. looks yummy n very tempting...

  5. looks yummy..wanna eat now itself..

  6. Delicious dosa. Havent tried this yet. Will try it sometime

  7. மிகவும் சத்தான கலர்புல்லான தோசை...சூப்பர்ப்..

  8. very colourful dosa.happy to follow your Site.Do visit my blog when you have time.

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  10. Why should poha be added to this recipe?any particular reason?


  11. Poha is added to give softness to the dosa.

  12. I tried out tomato dosa today it was yummy tasted good with groundnut chutney...... Thanks padhu......

  13. I prepared the first method and it was very nice. My son loved it . thanks arthysree

  14. Tomato dosa is so good and yummy....delicious toooo...thank you

  15. Tried this recipe for breakfast this morning... really delicious... a pinch of Sugar and Hing will add to the magic... We can balance chilli with Green and Red chillies which will also add to the color.... :-)

  16. Made this instant version for breakfast 2day and it was a hit vth evrybody. .even my daughter loved it..thanks :-)

  17. Today's breakfast .. And it tastes good.. Every one liked :)

  18. Tried the first version for dinner today and we loved it.. yummy version of the regular dosas.. Thanks for the wonderful recipe ..

  19. I tried the method written here.. but i made the batter more watery than required..will it even ferment? How to rectify ?

    1. If the batter is too watery, it is difficult to rectify it. Try adding rice flour or make another set of batter and mix both well.


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