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Bombay Vegetable Sandwich Recipe-Mumbai Veg Toast Sandwich-How to make Vegetable Sandwich

I love this Mumbai style sandwich with green chutney. If you have green chutney and boiled potatoes ready, this sandwich can be prepared in just 5 minutes time. It can be had for breakfast or as snacks or to satiate the hunger in between meals. This recipe is from a magazine's free recipe booklet. Today we will learn how to make Mumbai Style Vegetable Sandwich Toast following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

Bombay Vegetable Sandwich Toast

Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins
 Serves 1
 Recipe CategoryStreet food/Snacks
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Brown Bread/White bread- 8
   Butter as needed (salted or unsalted)
   Green chutney as needed
   Tomato -1 medium size
   Onion-1 medium size
   Cucumber -1
   Boiled potato-1 medium size
   Chaat masala as required
   Black salt/kala namak as needed


Boil potatoes, peel the skin and slice it thinly.

Slice onions, tomatoes and cucumber thinly. Keep all the ingredients ready. You can use boiled and sliced beetroot also if preferred.


Cut the brown corners of the bread if preferred. I skipped that.

Take 4 breads, apply butter on one side for all the 4 slices. Keep 2 buttered slices aside.

how to make vegetable sandwich toast

Now take the other 2 buttered slices. Apply green chutney on the 2 slices on top of the butter.

Then place 1 or 2 slices of all the vegetables (onion, cucumber, tomato, potato). Sprinkle salt and chat masala on the vegetables.

how to make vegetable sandwich toast with green chutney

Cover it with the other buttered slice (which we kept aside), with the buttered side facing down.

Toast it in an electric toaster or stove top hand toaster (as in the picture below) or you can grill the sandwiches until both sides turn golden brown. If using stove top hand toaster, grease the toaster slightly with butter and then toast the sandwich.

Mumbai Veg toast sandwich

Cut it diagonally and serve hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup. Repeat the same process for the rest of the bread slices.

Mumbai style vegetable sandwich recipe

Have it for breakfast or enjoy it with tea.

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  1. My mouth is watering right now...yumm

  2. D/Padhu Greetings-Love all your Blog posts and read with keen interest.Bombay Sandwiches ---grilled with sliced vegs, boiled potato Cheese grated to order and chutney is a Treat. Padhu Kitchen explains it nicely. We make this so often and more so as it is not only easy convenient but liked by all.
    Looking back, I used to always order this in Mumbai as a chota snack on office work tours- in between meetings etc -My usual order was 2 sandwiches &Tea. I once found the sandwich wallah offering me a 3rd (smaller one) and I asked him why as i had ordered only 2- He smiled and said good customer Bonus Saab-I was astonished --smiled and thanked him Small gesture but kindly said, with a Smile.
    The area near my office on Vithaldas Thackersay Marg((Liberty Cinema Rd) has so many of these vendors and one lane is called "Khao Galli" -selling all such foods.The hospital in that area has so many visitors and many stop by here for a small meal within a hectic schedule-
    The city of Mumbai (er... Bombay to me always) has been a place of memories from 1963 till date
    Salaam Mumbai.thank you Rgds, CaptTR (retd)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I love when ppl share these types of anecdotes.

  3. excellant sandwitches ..............


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