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Aval Laddu-Poha Ladoo Recipe-Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids-Diwali Snacks

Today I am going to share with you a very easy and also a very healthy snack for kids which does not have white sugar or maida in it. You can also prepare this easy recipe for Diwali. Today we will learn how to make poha laddus following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

Aval Laddu-Poha Laddu

How to make Aval Laddu/Poha Laddu

Aval Laddu-Poha Laddu

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 5 mins 
 Serves9 laddus
 Recipe CategoryHealthy Snacks
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Aval/Poha - 1 cup (I used thin variety)
   Nattu sakkarai (natural unrefined cane sugar)- 1/2 cup
   Cardamom powder -1/4 tsp
   Cashew nuts -3-4 (break it into 3-4 pieces)
   Raisins - 10
   Hot melted ghee - 3-4 tbsp


Dry roast poha a little or until it is hot to touch. Do not over roast or brown it. After it cools a little, grind it to a fine powder and keep it aside.

Heat a tbsp of ghee and fry cashew nuts first. When it starts changing color, add raisins and fry a little. When it puffs up switch off the flame. Alternatively you can fry cashew nuts and raisins separately.

Grind nattu sakkarai to a fine powder. When you add nattu sakkarai, you do not need much ghee as there is some moisture in nattu sakkarai itself. (If you are particular about the color of the laddu, you can add sugar, but if you are conscious of your health and your kid's health, it is advisable to use natural unrefined cane sugar.)

poha laddu preparation


Now keep everything ready - Ground poha, hot ghee (I have kept it in a bowl of hot water), natural unrefined sugar, cardamom powder, cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee.

In a bowl, mix together, ground poha, nattu sakkarai, cardamom powder, cashew nuts and raisins along with that 1 tbsp of ghee.

aval laddu recipe

Mix everything first. Then add more ghee little at a time. When you are able to make laddus out of the mixture, stop adding ghee. Grease you hands if required with ghee and make laddus from the mixture.

how to make aval laddu

Delicious and healthy Aval laddu is ready. You can prepare this for festivals, pack it in your kid's snack box or give them when they come back tired from school.

I have been getting request for healthy snacks recipes for kids.All sundals are very healthy and can be given to kids as snacks in the evening. I have just listed a few healthy and traditional snacks which are not deep fried, does not contain white sugar, all purpose flour, preservatives or any artificial coloring agents. Perfect and healthy snacks for kids and adults. 

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  1. Looks wonderful...easy and healthy...what I was looking for. Will make this soon and link you back

  2. Yummy and healthy laddus,will be a hot not only with kids but adults too

  3. wow.. like it.. have never had this.. healthy and innovative.. :)

  4. really well made. they are awesome.

  5. Very healthy and yummy jiffy Laddu.

  6. Wow..really mouth watering. will this try out this diwali !! Can this be preserved for a long duration? in fridge or outside temp will do?

  7. Lek - It can be kept at room temperature for 7-10 days, if handled properly.

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  9. MY husband and kids like Aval Laddu..

  10. Hi Padhu,
    Can i use jaggery instead of brown sugar? If yes, what will be the preparation method?

  11. Amba - Actually I have not used brown sugar but it is nattu sakkarai which is similar to jaggery. You can try using jaggery but buy good quality ones without any impurities.

  12. Padhu! All your aval recipies are awesome. Can you pls catagorise for ulcer patients!?!?!?!?!

  13. Hi Padhu.. first of all appreciated your talent and sharing in this blog :)
    i liked this aval laddoo very much.. i hope we can prepared with oats too.. what you say?
    my hearty good luck and keep up the best work :)

  14. Hi Padhu, How do you clean the aval for this recipe? It usually has some impurities right? But this recipe requires it to be dry roasted... so please tell me how to clean it.... Would love to make this for my kid..

    1. Now a days, you get very good quality poha without any impurities. Buy packed good company products as buying it in loose will have lot of impurities.

  15. padhu!! I love your recipies!! :) everything turns out really well for me .God Bless you. keep cooking and posting! :)

  16. Hi
    your aval laddu looks tempting. BTW can we use jaggery in place of sugar? If yes should we make syrup out of it? What is the consistency?

    1. Yes, you can add powdered good quality jaggery. You can add jaggery as such- do not have to make syrup. But buy organic jaggery as they are mostly clean without any debris or impurities.

  17. Hi I don't get nattu sakkarai here. Can I try with brown sugar?

  18. Hi, May I know the shelf life of the aval laddu been discussed here. How long can we keep stored?

    1. 10 -15 days at room temperature. More if refrigerated.

  19. Hi, May i know the difference between nattu sakarai and jaggary.

    1. Not much. May be difference in processing. I am not sure but they are not the same.

  20. Loved this recipe instantly, as the ingredients are available in my pantry always! Was looking for something quick home made sweet this Diwali yet healthy. But I made with thick poha, so its a little hard to bite though all loved it. Would thin poha been softer?

    1. Yes, try it with thin poha. I have used only thin white poha.

  21. Hi dis recipe looks tempting & equally healthy. can I giv dis to my one year old. Pls tell me whether palm sugar or palm Jaggery is healthier

  22. Hi Padhu, I made it with thin poha and jaggery, though taste was good, it was difficult to bite and chew on. What else can be done to soften the texture?


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