Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Easy Chutney Recipes-15 Chutney Varieties-Side dish for Idli-Dosa-Pongal-Upma

I have compiled 15 different varieties of delicious and easy chutney recipes below. They are best side dish not only for idli and dosa but also for upma, chapatipongal and samosa. I am sure you will love these easy chutney varieties.

Garlic Chutney

kara chutney

Coriander Chutney
Garlic Chutney Spicy Kara ChutneyCoriander Chutney

kothamalli chutney

Cabbage Chutney

Capsicum Chutney
Coriander chutney with onions Cabbage Chutney Capsicum Chutney

Onion Tomato Chutney

Onion Chutney

Curry Leaves Chutney
Onion Tomato Chutney Onion ChutneyCurry Leaves Chutney

Coconut Chutney

Peanut Chutney

Tomato Chutney without onions
Coconut Chutney with coriander flavor Peanut ChutneyNo Onion-Tomato Chutney

Coconut Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Mint Chutney
Coconut Chutney with GarlicTomato Chutney with MintMint Chutney

There are more than 15 chutney recipes in this space. Do check out Tomato Chutney with garlic  and more Chutney varieties for rice, idli, dosa etc.

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  1. You are more like a mom guiding for all those young married gals who are far away from mom :) Kudos to u Padhu :)

  2. What is that chutney they do in southern railway's the watery one that they serve inside train for dosa or idly. Any idea. Is that potukadala chutney?

  3. I love your chutney varieties's rely sooo yummy

  4. Yummy recepies padhu thanks a lot...

  5. Yummy chutney's..will try one of them for sure

  6. Hi tried the onion tomato chutney and it turned out yumm.... Finger licking. Thanks..

  7. Whenever I try to search for some recipe to cook. I will first search for ur websit, whether u have dat recipe. Very easy recipes and the ingredients are also easy to get or the things usually we keep in our home. Congrats and keep adding more to it. Love all ur recipes.

  8. Can you post on varamilagai chutney


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