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Everyday I keep getting emails and comments appreciating my work and recipes. It cheers me up and motivates me to give my best. Thank you so much!! The comments and emails mean a lot to me and I treasure them. I appreciate and thank each and everyone who took extra efforts to drop comments and write to me personally through email. I am overwhelmed. I have added links to recipes mentioned so that you can also enjoy preparing it.

I tried this recipe today and it came out very well. I had actually  tried out so many of your recipes and all have come out well. A very big thanks to you for this useful blog. on Masala Poori-Masala Puri Chaat Recipe-Easy Chaat Recipes.
Suresh S

My day won't complete without entering into your site. your blog has the most number of healthy dishes... millets, oats ,and quinoa recipes..  They are simple and delicious . I have tried almost all of your millet and oats recipes. I should admit, that you have helped me in losing my post-pregnancy fat in a healthy way . Whenever I think of a new different dish, I would be able to find a recipe in padhuskitchen for that dish. This tomato oats recipe is something like that. I was thinking of tomato oats sadham today and found a recipe in your page for the same. Tried this recipe and everyone liked it. Thank a lot.

Dear Padhu! Being a Doctor & a wife, I am at my wits end how to cook & also put in lots of nutrients together without too much of time. Never liked the concept of cook. Your site is like adrenaline to many of us .Thanks for your recipes, I have really been able to cook & also eat well.Thanks & keep up the good work. Radha on Breakfast recipes Indian -Breakfast Ideas -Vegetarian Breakfast recipes 

When I need to check a recipe, and I google for it, my first choice these days is Padhu's kitchen as compared to Sanjeev kapoor or Tarla dalal. Your instructions are simple and easy to follow. Keep up the good work! on Paneer Butter Masala-Restaurant Style Recipe-Step by step pictures

I'm glad I stumbled upon your kitchen while surfing a recipe. I never had to search anywhere after. My life is so easy now. Everything I tried turned out tasty. Thank you. on Tomato Rice
Sowmya mannava

Fantastic blog, padhu! Very well organized. I keep referring to your recipes which are so much like what my amma makes! on Murungakkai Sambar-Drumstick Sambhar Recipe-How to make Drumstick Sambar

I love your web page! I'm born Eastern European and I discovered South Indian cuisine some 15 years ago, since then I always wanted to learn how to make all these wonderful dishes on my own. This is a first web page where I can find all I like in nicely organized, and well presented manner. Excellent job! Thank you for creating this culinary gem! on Coconut Chutney and Idly faces

The confidence level is high after trying your sambar, tomato rice and paneer butter masala. Will definitely try this tempting one. :-) on Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Recipes

Thank you padhu for posting on time so that all of us have enough time to read, try, and relish it! I am a great fan of your blog. With two daughters married and settled abroad when they have any confusion I tell them to check out on your blog for accuracy. God bless you my dear,! on Thiruvathirai kali recipe and Ezhukari Kootu

I tried this recipe yesterday and it came out really well. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I have tried so many recipes... But none are as perfect as yours. I am not a very good cook.. But now my husband and children have become fans of my food after I started cooking using your recipes.
Thank you soooo much Paddu. Just love your recipes on Paneer Butter Masala-Restaurant Style Recipe-Step by step pictures
Priya Anand

Hi Padhu, I am a great follower of ur recipes and every recipe outnumbers the other. This one was ultimate!!!! Thank u for teaching my favorite side dish with idli dosa so easily. Everyone at home demands the molagapodi made by me! Thnks a ton Padhu :) on Idly Milagai Podi
Ramya Chandramouly

Thank you so much for posting this recipe, My mom use to make this rice during my school/college days...such a tasty dish... Tanks for your service Padhu...your blog is our daily reference book....May God give you all strength to continue this service.... on Karuveppilai Sadam-Curry Leaves Rice Recipe.
sowmiya R

Dear Padhu , You are a savior man! I am surviving just because of Padhu's kitchen site right after marriage. My husband loves my preparation. For working ladies, who are new kitchen , I recommend Padhu's kitchen. Thanks to you :) Keep posting!! on Methi Matar Malai Recipe-Methi Recipes - Rani K S

Thanks for the wonderful recipes you have generously shared! I appreciate how much time and effort you have expended to benefit the whole internet cooking community- Christina

I should say , I have come a long way in cooking following ur recipes over this past one year. The simplicity in your writing and recipes being health  conscious deserves an applause. on Pasi Paruppu Laddu-Nei Urundai-Moong Dal (Payatham Paruppu) Ladoo-Healthy Diwali Snacks Recipes

Hi padhu, Your recipes are fool-proof and even a big non-cooker like me can get good results from ur recipes. I really mess up all the recipes except yours. When I need to get a recipe which i know i wont foil up, I can always trust u!!!good instructions , good easy to follow recipes and good website. thanks :) on Rasgulla-Rasgulla Recipe-How to make Rasgulla
Ranju Vibin

You are like a mother guiding for all those young married girls who are far away from mom :) Kudos Padhu :) on Easy Chutney Recipes-15 Chutney Varieties-Side dish for Idli-Dosa-Pongal-Upma
Aishwarya Ravi

I hail from Palakkad and I must say your kerala recipes taste very authentic. The last few months, my family have been speculating on the sudden improvement of my culinary skills! Finally had to let the cat out of the bag and confess that I follow your recipes. -E mail from Malathi

Fantastic recipe! I've never been able to make Dhoklas before, this recipe has all the little instructions that people never give you. My mom and I have both learnt to make our favorite Gujarati breakfast at home now - many thanks to you, Padhu :) on Dhokla Recipe-Instant Dhokla Recipe and Green Chutney -Radhika Sangam

Dear Padhu! Being a Doctor and a wife I am at my wits end how to cook and also put in lots of nutrients together without too much of time.Never liked the concept of cook. Your site is like adrenaline to many of us.Thanks for your recipes, I have really been able to cook and also eat well.Thanks and keep up the good work. Radha on Breakfast recipes Indian -Breakfast Ideas -Vegetarian Breakfast recipes
on 12/4/13

Dear Padhu, Thank you very much for sharing these really great recipes.On this auspicious day of Dusshera, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for being my virtual teacher. All the recipes that I have tried of your's have turned out great. Please keep up the respectable work...
Sudha Kannan. on  Foxtail Millet Adai-Thinai Paruppu Adai

Hello Padhu, Thank you for this lovely recepie, this morning i prepared this and i must say it was yummy... for the biryani masala I prepared at home and this added more flavor...i follow up posts on regular basis. The recepies that you have post are quite easy and can be prepared in just an hr!! I know you already have received many appreciations...but i could not stop myself from commenting....Thank you for your contribution towards this blog and making available on internet so that millions of users who are eager to learn cooking..this blog of urs works wonders!!! on Vegetable Biryani -Vegetable Biryani Recipe - How to prepare vegetable biryani
at 12:19 AM

I'm a bachelor living and working in Islamabad, Pakistan. Today i really wanted to have mom's bhindi for dinner. But she is in my hometown, so I just bought half a kilo of bhindis to my flat with no idea about what to do with them.... came upon your blog searching for bhindi masala recipe, found the recipe to be simple... completed the ingredients, made it and it turned out perfect.... almost like how ammi makes it.Thank you, you are awesome! :) on Bhindi Masala-Bhindi masala recipe-How to make bhindi masala
at 8:14 AM

Tried this recipe last Sunday, came out well. Thank u for the step by step recipe on Onion Samosa Recipe-How to make Onion Samosas-(Step wise pictures)
at 9:25 PM

Hi Padhu, I would like to thank you for sharing some of the recipes. We have tried your Veg Pulao,Veg fried rice,rava dosa,channa masala and paneer butter masala. All the dishes have come out very good and all of us were very happy to taste these dishes made at home.Keep churning new recipes for us to try and enjoy on Vegetable Fried Rice-How to prepare Vegetable Fried Rice
prameela krishna
at 5:47 A

Hey Padhu, You are awesome. I have been struggling to cook but now i am able to cook a lots of varieties and my family loves it. I make my food planner for the week from your menus, shop accordingly and stick to it.By this i save a lot of time and loads of appreciation  as the menu has different varieties.Keep up the good work.Let god bless you and your family Regards Priya Athma on Pepper Kuzhambu milagu kuzhambu

U r very creative... my baby is going to love these recipes... thank u so much... u r the best...
 on Breakfast Ideas for Kids(Indian)- Kids Breakfast recipes Vegetarian

First time i made this sweet , came out very well. i used the same measurements and cooking style. Hats off to u, my kids loved it on 7 Cup Burfi Recipe-Diwali Sweets-Indian Sweets for Deepavali
ramya dhanaraj

Hello Padhu, Made this yesterday and we enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! Realized that you really don't need the store bought pasta sauce to make a good pasta dish! Cheers on Spaghetti Recipe-Vegetarian Spaghetti Recipe
at 7:54 AM

Looks like you are a superwoman living ur life at the fullest..i gained more attention towards ur page the moment i read about ur kitchen garden..ur family is so lucky to have a woman like u...i wish i cud live like dis...taking vegetables from the kitchen garden and cooking healthy food..awesome!
Keep it up! on Yellow Pumpkin Kootu-Yellow Pumpkin Gravy-Kaddu Sabzi
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urs lovingly.....
at 2:07 AM

Thanks for posting such wonderful recipes. Not a single day goes without checking your recipes. The quantity and the combination you mention is perfect if we try the same. Keep doing the excellent job. on Vegetable Gravy Recipe-Mixed Vegetable Gravy for Roti,Pulao,Chapati
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at 3:27 AM

Hi Padhu, I have become a great fan & admirer of yours by trying your many items including puliogare. paneer butter masala, aloo peas curry etc...Your measurements will be perfect..The way you explain recipe is good..Thank u so much.. Waiting for your many more coming dishes.. Deepa on Paneer Butter Masala-Restaurant Style Recipe-Step by step pictures

Paddus Kitchen is not just a kitchen. It is a World of Recipes. Every item is a wonder. And you are showing an easy way to prepare these items. Thank you. on Peas Pulao-Matar Pulao Recipe-Pattani Sadam
Lakshmi Someswara

I made mushroom fried rice along side vegetable Manchurian both turned out really nice and family loved it once again thank you so much keep up the good work best wishes!!!!!!! on Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe-Indo-Chinese Recipe

Hi All, Just wanted to share my personal, generic note about this blog. Whenever I think of doing a different/common recipe, first thing i would do is looking into Padhuskitchen :) . The recipies I have tried out from padhuskitchen have come out well every time. It is more of like my database of cookbooks. Easy,simple,tasty,quick dishes are spotted in this blog. Its my favourite blog. Thanks to Padhu for her contribution..I always have a sister feel when I look at Padhu's pic & love to visit this sisterly blog often!!! :) :) on Jeera Pulao-Jeera Rice Recipe

My mum is away at the mo and Thanks to your receipe, I was able to feed my Dad and Bro Yummy Puliyodharai, just like my Grandma make it. Much love. Padhu :D on Andhra Puliyodharai-Andhra Pulihora Recipe
Padma Akula

This is a fantastic recipe Padhu, the dosa was so crispy and very tasty. Best dosa recipe ever. thank you on Masala Dosa Recipe-How to make Masala Dosa (potato filling)
Chella KS Nathan
at 12:27

I tried this instant rasam recipe and can hardly believe how easy and tasty it is! My husband loves it. This is a great addition to my rasam repertoire (rasam is my most favorite dish). Thank you Padhu, I have cooked many items from your site. It is the best! on Instant Tomato Rasam-Easy Rasam Recipe
at 9:47 AM

hi padhu,, Frankly i should write I love u!!! shocked:) yes padhu I just follow ur blog like a my kutty son following me always...Thanx to u....always. I have been appreciated for the food I prepare with ur guidelines.... You Will Always Remain...in our hearts ...I said ours because if i prepare something new my husband asks (So Padhu taught u):)Thanks again!!! on Peas Pulav
namita sankar
at 9:12 AM

Excellent idea, this Morning I had exhausted all the ideas of a breakfast and turned down the idea of Wheat dosa coz my hubby doesn't like it.However when I looked up this recipe it sounded interesting wanted to try and face my hubby, lo everyone liked it and it reduced my time in the kitchen as I had to look after my 3rd son who is unwell! Thank You Padhu's kichen u are great! on 2 minutes Instant Healthy Wheat dosa !
Pricilla Solomon
on 11/7/12

I tried it at home, was delicious and spicy...Thanks for the recipe on Vegetable Biryani -Vegetable Biryani Recipe - How to prepare vegetable biryani
Ambica Ayla
on 12/9/12

I made this mushroom korma tonight and it was quick and super easy; the taste is heavenly, now I will be serving it over rice. I have learned many fabulous recipes from your blog! The instant tomato rasam is made very often in my home,and many of your recipes are bookmarked to try soon.(Healthy = Padhu). Thank you for your generosity and all that you do. on Mushroom Korma-Mushroom gravy Indian-Mushroom masala
by maidofadyar

Hi Padhu....Thanks so much for your recipe..I am a bachelor staying with my friends...They dont allow me to cook much and experiment as it was a flop show a couple of times... But this time it turned out to be very good following your simple recipe...I am passing the credits and congrats given to me by my friends to you... Thank you so much Padhu on Tomato Rice -SUJISH

hi, I visit ur blog daily and I try many recipes, I love all, especially diwali special very useful and delicious thanks for ur blog on Diwali Recipes-Diwali Snacks Recipes-Diwali Sweets Recipes at 12:06 AM

Very interesting recipes.I tried the mysore pak with refined oil.came out excellent.thanks for the diwali preparation well in advance. on Mysore Pak-Soft Mysore Pak Recipe-Deepavali Special.

Hi Padhu, Having just returned from a vacation, we had an rather empty looking fridge except for a lone cauliflower and some tomatoes. So I went looking on the internet for something new that I could make with those basic ingredients. That's when I stumbled across your site, and I followed your recipe to the letter. I must tell you that it came out perfectly delicious! Many thanks for sharing it. My wife and I are going to try some of your other recipes :-) Thanks!! Adarsh
By Adarsh on Cauliflower Rice (Cauliflower Pulao Recipe-Gobi Rice)

Great, padhu. I tried your potato side dish for poori and it turned out perfect. Earlier I used to add aloo and then water so, the subji turned messy and thick.  My husband always complained about this. First time it turned out well after your post.thank you. Your posts are very useful for me and I have learnt the nuances. on Poori Masala Recipe-Potato Masala for Poori
By Usha anandvenkatesh
at 7:20 PM

Hey Padhu, I tried this cake yesterday and it came out really well. All your recipes are simple; easy to cook and is great. Thanks a ton!!
By Priya on Vanilla Cake in Pressure Cooker 

Awesome decoration!!! I too tried it today and it was yummy.. And i must say i tried your peas pulav recipe with carrot raitha for lunch today and it came out well too.I m a big fan of you now.. all time reading your recipes and trying it out :) :) Thanks a ton, keep posting more. - Priya
By Priya on  Semiya Payasam Recipe ( Vermicelli kheer)

I tried your paneer butter masala yesterday. It came out delicious and tasted like restaurant one.Thanking for sharing this and for ur help in making this.By india on Paneer Butter Masala-Restaurant Style Recipe

Madam, Just stumbled upon your blog and tried some recipes, adai, aviyal and jeera rasam for instance. Your recipes are fabulous and resembles a lot  like my mother's cooking. If you are married, your husband should be the luckiest person on this earth. on Keerai Kootu(Amaranth Leaves Kootu)

This is the best and simplest recipe I have ever seen for this dish..
Made it immediately and I must say...this was totally OUTSTANDING !!!!! Thanks so much for this recipe. on Bagara Baingan - Bagara Baingan Recipe

To truly say padhu i am a fresher to the cooking dept and just in the learning process. I tried this dish of yours and it turned out so good. Everyone appreciated me for this, thanks.. All your dishes seemed to be to too good, may be the way you describe it awesome keep up the good work!!!! 
on Vegetable Upma

Padhu, I am a sworn in fan of this recipe of yours. Whenever I decide to make poricha koottu,I have never referred to a blog other than yours :-) This dish is very popular in my household and my husband can't stop praising and appreciating the recipe every time I make it.A fan, Bhargavi :D on Poricha Kuzhambu-Poricha Kulambu Recipe

Dear Padhu Thank you very much for the soft idly recipe.I forwarded the same to my daughter,who is recently married and is in USA.I told her many times to make idly,but she told me that she doesn't know the consistency.(She never entered in kitchen before marriage)when I sent this recipe,she prepared as per your instruction.She told me it has come out very well.thank you once again on Idli-Soft Idlis- Idli Batter Recipe-Soft Idli Tips

I love your blog! I follow almost all of my cooking from your blog! Thank you and please keep writing! on Vegetable Pulao Recipe

I have never seen anyone explaining the recipe to get successful soft idlis like you have done here. Great work on that !!!!  myself being a child nutritionist, i found this site accidentally looking for good nutritional breakfast ideas and instantly  liked your varieties. In my meal plan to all my clients i will be including your site for lots of ideas for moms intending to give nutritious meal to their family. Keep it up and keep us all posted with interesting recipes. on Idli-Soft Idlis-Idli Batter Recipe-Soft Idli Tips

Your blog was sheer pleasure! loved your food presentation..very creative! :) on Breakfast Ideas for Kids(Indian)- Kids Breakfast recipes Vegetarian

This recipe was fantastic! I had a hankering for Methi Pulao after tasting it in India years ago.I worried that the conventional measurements would be off (as I have often experienced with "by eye" cooks turning their food into recipes), but it was perfect! Honestly, some of the best Indian food I have ever made at home and super easy. Thanks for sharing! I'll have a look at other recipes on your site.
By P.J. and Lizzy on Methi Pulao-(Methi Rice-Fenugreek rice)

Hi,I am newly married. I am learning cooking now and your website  is the teacher to me... Myself and my hubby loves all the recipes suggested by u... continue your great work as many are getting benefit... on Instant Tomato Chutney-Tomato Chutney Recipe

Thanks Padhu. This is the first time I prepated sweet Kozhukattai. I followed your comments properly and it came very well. Very tasty:-). My family liked it vey much. Only thing I found from my experience is that we need to do more stuffing to get a good taste on Kozhukattai recipe - Modak recipe-how to make Kolukattai-Ganesh Chaturthi recipe

Hi how r You. I just prepared Kadai Panneer n it came very tasty. Thank you for a nice receipe. I saw all ur receipes n all r really so good. Few days before i got ur website thru surfing the net. Almost everyday im trying atlest one of ur recipes.my family members like them so much.Once again thank you. Bye Saritha
By katta oshmi saritha on Kadai Paneer -Kadai Paneer Recipe-How to make Kadai... at 7:25 AM

Hi Padhu.... Your recipes are just amazing... I am a beginner  and I am in my early twenties... I am going to get married in a few months...I ve tried out few of your South Indian recipes... I think ll get comfortable with cooking by the time I get married... All the credit goes to you padhu... Keep up your good work on Recipe for Sambar powder and Rasam Powder

Hi Padhu all your recipes were wonderful. i tried it and enjoyed it ... yummy on Protein and Iron rich Adai recipe

Once again, your recipe was spot on. I love gobi manchurian, and this recipe was fabulous! I started following the site a few months ago, and every time I have turned to it for recipes and inspiration, I have met easy-to-follow, accurate, and dependably good recipes. Thanks so much for  sharing your talents with us! on Gobi Manchurian Recipe-Gobi Recipes

Tried it yesterday. Everybody loved it, my husband, toddler and preschooler. Easy, quick, healthy and moreover delicious...thats what I am looking for. Thanks a lot. A happy mom. on Red Beans Rice - Indian Style

Hi Padhu followed the exact recipe and the Kozhukattai turned out really great.thanks on Kozhukattai recipe - how to make Kolukattai-Ganesh Chaturthi recipe.

U r very creative... my baby is going to love these recipes... thank u so much... u r the best... on Breakfast Ideas for Kids(Indian)- Kids Breakfast recipes Vegetarian

Hi.. I made this chutney along with moong dal dosa yesterday.. both were awesome and very simple..  thanks a lot for posting these recipes.. :).. on Instant Tomato Chutney-Tomato Chutney Recipe.

Hi Padhu, Greetings, I am a regular visitor of “Padhus Kitchen”, I like your recipes, tried them out and they indeed come out well. I find your dishes can be made with simple regular ingredients, tasty and most importantly healthy. You have become my household name, whenever I want to try something new I say, “Ok let me check with Padhu :)”. Some of the important tips that you give for beginners is very useful, I have learnt a lot from them, also the updates you give on health benefits of a dish is beneficial. Great work, keep going, my many thanks not only for you but also from those whom you have learnt cooking.
Hi Padhu! I have just recently discovered your web page. I would like to thank you for all the effort.
I enjoy cooking and I was looking for vegetarian Indian recipes. I have found your webpage really useful. All the recipes are really well explained and the idea of the beginners recipes it is just brilliant! Many thanks, because now I can get confidence with the easy recipes and later on try to go for the less easy ones! Please keep posting recipes! on How to cook rice in a pressure cooker (with pics).
Maria Calle Martinez

I came across your blog accidently. Trust me yours is the best blog for cooking, well written and neatly arranged.  I am so excited to try this. I have eaten this before, not tried myself. Thank you so much . Just to add, I tried butter murukku and peas masala. It came out well. Thanks! on Clusters Beans Parupu Usili

Be it a simple dish as beans poriyal or a bigger dish as paneer, your cooking recipes have helped me immensely Padhu! Thank you so much! on Beans Curry-Beans Stir Fry Recipe-Beans Poriyal
on 3/30/17

I must say after my several attempt this was the best output. Bitter Gourd Chips was amazingly crisp,tasty and appetizing,my family, mainly kids enjoyed it. Thank you, maam for the efforts u hv taken for folks like us. :) on Bitter Gourd Chips-Karela Chips-Bitter Gourd Recipes

Hello.. Your breakfast and lunch recipes were very much useful for me when my family was on vacation to native. I use to make phone calls to wife while cooking to clarity doubts. This time, she is surprised when my sms her the menu I prepared everyday!! Thanks a lot for your very nice blog..Kalyanaraman, Hyderabad on How to Prepare Sambar

I prepared this...and just awesome. I follow your recipes and I must say they are so easy and ingredients that you use are all the ones that are being used on a daily basis. After reading ur blogs i don't have to step out to buy any. Thank you for creating this blog and updating them regularly on Mixed Vegetable Kootu-South Indian Vegetable Kootu-Kadamba Kootu-Side dish for Pongal

Hi Padhu... Im enjoying each and every recipe of urs... Everything has something different in it and that tastes soo yummy ... I have tried many of ur recipes .. And this pumpkin chutney recipe is one of the best recipes .. I tried it today and could not resist from commenting .. Thank you so much .. Keep posting new recipes ... on Pumpkin Chutney-How to make Pumpkin Chutney

Hi! I am a regular visitor to your site and almost swear by your recipes. Yesterday, I had a litmus test to pass.  A few friends, who are quite finicky about food, had come over. I made Carrot Kheer and Baby Corn Masala from your recipe list.  Apart from these I made Peas Paratha and Shahi Paneer. The dinner was a hit. I am relieved but above it all, I am very happy that I was able to pull off the recipes with ease. Im saying this because I learnt to cook after my wedding and do not have a lot of experience. So, a huge thanks to you and your blog. Thank you so much Padhu. Keep writing. Keep cooking. :) :) on Carrot Kheer

Hi.. I have been following your blog for some time now and I Thank you sincerely for all the great recipes. I tried above bread toast and it is a big hit with my children :-) Your another recipe which was a hit for me is Paneer Butter Masala. I am not a great cook, but whatever recipes of yours I tried, they all turned out to be very tasty. Once again my sincere thanks to you. I am trying one more recipe, will post the result.... on Parle-G Biscuit Cake-Quick Biscuit Cake Recipe-Hide and Seek Eggless Steamed Biscuit Cake

I did this today for Krishna Jeyanthi and it was awesome!! Evrybody liked it..such an easy and quick recipe..whatever recipe i want, I just search it from padhuskitchen..and it always comes out well..getting praises from my hubby..thanks padhu..:-)
on Sweet Appam Recipe without Baking Soda-Sweet Appam with Rice flour-Wheat flour-Rava
Yogalaksmi harini

I am a great fan of ur blog padhu.. ur Ma guru at kitchen.. I have followed all ur recipes of porridge for babies.. I am super happy mom.. giving all homemade items for ma 1 yr old..thks a lot Padhuji on Homemade Health Mix Powder Recipe-Sathu Maavu Kanji Powder

That's true...i am alone so everyday i refer padhus kitchen for cooking....lovely way of presenting and only your site has all i want.  I Don't look anywhere else. Just padhuskitchen, type recipe and start cooking...and everything comes out perfectly...Thanks a lot padhus. GOD Bless you for all those recipes on Karuveppilai Sadam-Curry Leaves Rice Recipe. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, My mom use to make this rice during my school/college days...such a tasty dish... Thanks for your service Padhu...your blog is our daily reference book....May God give you all strength to continue this service.... , by sowmiya R.

Followed your recipe RELIGIOUSLY for peas pulav, aloo gobi, paneer capsicum gravy, channa masala for a dinner party and got appreciations.
your recipes never fail ?  thanks padhu
Preethi September 10, 2016 at 6:17 AM

Be it a simple kadala parupu sundal or any difficult dish, Padhu Kitchen is always there. Thanks Padhu. on Kadalai Paruppu Sundal Recipe-Bengal Gram Sundal

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am overwhelmed reading all the comments and mails.

This page will be updated once in a month as I get new emails. Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen.


  1. Hi Padhu.. I tried doin cookies from other sites and from programs in tv. I never got the perfect one. Urs is awesome padhu. I tried chocolate cookies and that came verrrrry well. Thanks to u....And also i referred ur site to my close friends, as v jus finished our coll, n doin nothing @ hme. Heyy... if u r conducting any cookin classes... pls let me know. Once again thanks padhu. And now am trying ur other recipies and becommin a fan of urs :) thank u sooo much <3 ur recipies.

  2. Hi Padhu, Thanks for the recipes...Helps a lot when one is stranded abroad with lot of cravings for homemade indian food...Regards, Veerendra

  3. You are a super chef...I envy you for ur fabulous talent in cooking...I refer ur website for every lil recipe..Its does magic to our mealtime...Our best wishes to you...love u :)

  4. Tried your recipe on vegetable noodles, came out really good.

    Nice Blog and pictures

    Keep going...

  5. Hi Padhu,

    I tried your Badam Halwa recipe and it cam eout very well,thank you so much for putting this recipe for me,i tried different versions of that recipe but yours was very simple and tasted Yummy,Thanks a lot...


  6. Hi.. Thanks for posting such nice recipes.. the 7 cups cake recipe is so easy to make & so tasty. I made it twice & it came out so well... Thanks again dear..

  7. hi i have prepared one of your item which u have presented (potato gravy) it was awesum when i prepared and evry one at my hme appreciated me a lot for it.
    noe i wanted to know how to prepare pudhia rice.

  8. hi paddu

    i have tried out your bottle gourd kofta and dal recipe. it came out really well. You are an excellent cook. your recipes are easy to understand. i have bookmarked your site. hence almost daily i visit your site and try out one dish or the other

  9. hi padhu...i jst love ur blog...am vry much interested in cooking...and i browse through ur blog for recipies...its simply awesome...ur step by step procedure s gud and one can easily understand...i jst lov ur recipies...evryday padhus kitchen s my guide....lov it 2 d core....

  10. Awesome!! you have made my lyfe easy... Being a bachelor and being far from home... on top of that being a vegetarian in USA sucks!!! Eating good food became a rarity... Thanks to your site and awesome recipes. I eat healthy and tasty food. Thanks once again :)keep up the good work!!!

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    Actually the appam kadai is a very small one. You can fry only 1 appam or 1 puri in that.The advantage is that you can use very less oil and there will not be any necessity to reuse that oil. I got it in Tirchy. You will get it in Rathna stores (T nagar), Murugan stores in Adayar and Ananda stores. You will find that in any big stores which sell stain steel vessels. You will get good quality idli plates in the above mentioned shops.

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